"A-1 House Solutions and I entered into an agreement to get my property bought. It was
necessary to move quickly and expectations were high. A-1 House Solutions and their
associates were very up front with the details and answered all (many) questions plainly
and quickly. A-1 House Solutions were able to accomplish what we set out to do quickly. It
has been a pleasure dealing and doing business with them."
-Cindy   TN.
A-1 House Solutions
"I needed to move fast. A-1 House Solutions was able to buy my house that day and I even
got some moving money."
-D.W.   KY
“I just finalized my divorce and could not get a loan to buy a  house until all the financial
logistics were finalized by the courts. By renting to own I can live in the house I want until I
have the time and means to buy it.” -TR   TN
A-1 House Solutions
242 W. Main St. #283
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Email: INFO@A-1HouseSolutions.com

Voice or Fax: 1-888-228-4217

Please contact us anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
"Thank you sooooo.. much.......  It is a relief knowing that you are out there, helping people
like us."     
- Lori  TN
"I just wanted so say thank you for giving me relief from my mortgage debt. You guys have
helped me. My stress level has dropped enormously. My blood pressure is finally getting
back to normal. Thank you!" -Tamara   KY
"During my recent interaction with A-1 House Solutions, I have been very satisfied. They
were businessmen who honored all promises and were very prompt when meeting
deadlines. I could not believe their integrity and honesty in our business transaction. It is
unusual in today's world to be able to trust people who tell you they want to assist you in
selling or buying property. They have proven themselves to be men of character; therefore, I
would recommend their company to people who have the need to purchase or sell property.
They have been the "solution" that I needed to sell some of my property. If you have need of
their services, please contact them. Their services have proven to be a valuable asset to
me." -Anne KY
"After dealing with two different companies. It was A-1 House Solutions that got the job
done!"    -Cher   Bowling Green, KY
“I would recommend you to anyone; whether buying or selling! You were very
understanding and helpful. When I was in a jam; you helped and did everything you
said you would…and fast! Thanks so much!” -Michelle TN