With some exceptions; very few of our homes are pure “rentals”. Most are
strictly for sale so you will be “renting to own", which is the same as,
"renting or leasing with the option to buy”, to eventually buy your home
without having to deal with banks or qualifying for loans at this time.


THE TERMS: "Rent to Own" or "Lease to Own" or "Lease/Option" or
"Lease or Rent with the Option to Buy"
All the above terms basically mean the same thing. It means you are entering
into an agreement to rent or lease your new home with the option to buy it at a
later date with cash or via a loan or other means
. You do not have to buy the
home (as no one can force you) but you do have the exclusive right to buy it at
the agreed price during the lease-option period according to the agreement! Most
buyers enter into this kind of agreement so they can get into the home they
eventually want to buy without having to deal with banks or qualifying up front.
It gives them time to clean up their credit or "build" credit while renting the
home they eventually want to buy.

BENEFITS: You can move into your home now, even if you have credit
problems that would keep you from buying a house. Even if you can't get a loan
now! Once you are in your home we work with you to improve your credit over
time so you can eventually qualify for a good loan.

**DEPOSIT OR "OPTION FEE": This "Option Fee" is paid for the
guaranteed, exclusive right to purchase the property during the "option to buy"
period. The entire (100%) option fee is credited towards the purchase price of
the home when you do buy it!
How much do I need? The Option Fee is generally much less than you would
have to put down with a normal bank or mortgage loan. Depending on the home
and circumstances 5% to 10% of the purchase price of the home is what we
typically receive,
but in some cases we can work with less. Tell us how much
you can put towards the Option Fee now and if you can put more down on a
monthly basis and we'll see if we can work something out!
The more you can
put towards this option fee the better!
It puts you higher up on the list of people
who want that particular home as we do compile a list and pick the best
potential "buyer".   We will work with you to help you get into a home!
If you
have something of value to "trade" we will also consider that for part or
all of the Option Fee! (ie. Homes, cars, jewelery or ??)

Why do people "Rent to Own" instead of just buy the house?
In this day and age many good people just cannot qualify for a loan especially
with the banks changing the rules about how much you must put down
(sometimes 20% or more) and raising the standards of your credit history. Some
people may not have any credit history as in the case with "first time buyers", or
maybe they have had some hard times, bankruptcy or even just a few financial
problems which keep them from qualifying; or if they can qualify it puts them in
a higher interest rate bracket with the bank loan. Some of our Buyers just have
their money tied up in a business or other areas or investments and can't use
them to qualify for a loan. And some just don't have their credit built up
enough! By renting to own a property and keeping your payments current and
on time; you are building a "good" credit history. It shows the banks that you
are a better risk because you already have a history of living in the house you
are interested in buying with their loan.
“I just finalized my divorce and could not get a loan to buy a  house until all the financial
logistics are finalized by the courts. By renting to own I can live in the house I want until I have
the time and means to buy it.” -T   TN
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What does "Rent To Own" mean?
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